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A Big Cat Visits the Jungle

A Big Cat Visits the Jungle By Paul Warren Wilson Published: 21 April, 2006 Print Paul Warren Wilson "Safety boat from Catalina, downwind to land" They obviously hear us, they are very excited, they have…
Mike Pinder
21st April 2006
Press & Video

The Italy Experience

"The Catalina In Her Element" Marina di Venezia, Rimini, Riccione, Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi..... the place names sound like an extract from an up-market Italian holiday brochure. But the next two months promise to be…
Mike Pinder
19th April 2006
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World Catalina News – 2005

PH-PBY prepares to fly at Valkenburg this summer prior to its repaint Photo: Ruud Leeuw In Europe, the big news is that the Dutch PBY-5A PH-PBY has flown at last after a long period on…
David Legg
21st April 2005