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EXCLUSIVE! Lake Geneva Landing Footage

By 22nd April 2007June 14th, 2015Latest News

Watch this exclusive video footage of our Catalina performing one of four water landings on Lake Geneva during the run up to the Geneva Classics Exhibition in October 2006. It was the first time a flying boat had landed on the lake since 1948!

Running time: 15:51 mins

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Exclusive footage & Copyright © 2006 by Derek Head.
Music from ‘The ‘Motorcycle Diaries‘ by Gustavo Santolalla’.

Previous Comments:

Jean Christophe Polet (France) – 18 May, 2007
“Come to fly with us”…
Thanks for this trip. Here we can appreciate the bright and wide open blisters.
I went to Geneva in 1964, when I was just a kid.
benedick rayner – 18 June, 2007
Not only was the music great but the Cat excelled herself and we didn’t seem to get too wet. A thrilling ride.
Charlie Pyles – 24 June, 2007
I enjoyed your movie. I shot photos of this bird in Canada August 1991 with Avalon Aviation titles. It’s great to see these old birds brought back to life. 35mm slides will be in eBay store this week. search for coldspringcharlie on eBay to see them.
Ian (UK) – 9 July, 2007
Absolutely brilliant!
Michael Manthey – 14 August, 2007
I thank you for this front-row-seat experience of Catalina in her treu element. I enjoyed the great filming and very smooth handling of the camera. You really made us feel beeing onboard…
John R Dagg ex 162BR SQDN 1944 – 3 October, 2007
Thank You for sending The sounds and scenery are great Brings back a lot of memories Reykjavik Iceland 1944and 45
BenR, Lancashire – 6 October, 2007
Thrilling video of a beautiful aircraft. Thanks!
Kevin Giles – 2 July, 2008
Oh WOWWwww… Until I ever get the chance to do it for real, thanks guys.
Marcelo Matarazzo – Buenos Aires – 27 May, 2010
Thanks for sharing these images. A dream that I hope to do some time … flying a Catalina.
Congratulations on your choice of music, perfectly accompanied by the landscape.
Mike Pinder

Mike has always had a passion for aircraft since an early age. He joined The Catalina Society back in 2005, taking over all aspects digital. He's a glider pilot over in the Netherlands and he comes from a design, business and innovation background. Mike is happy contributing his skills to continue the great heritage of the PBY Catalina.