World & Duxford Base Events

The best way to see a Catalina is in person

World Catalina Events

Come and see our Catalina at events all over the World.


Saint Yan Fly Inn

Luxembourg Plane Owners and Pilots attending the 19th edition of the international Fly-In at Saint YAN airfield in France

At Saint Yan Fly Inn

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Duxford Base Events

Come and watch our Catalina at our base in Duxford.


Showcase Day

On these exciting flying days, enjoy IWM Duxford's huge outdoors and historic airfield as you watch iconic aircraft take to the skies. Experience flying and commentary, get up close to the aircraft as they park up on our airfield and have the chance to grab a chat with the pilots that flew them. With flying in the afternoon our showcase displays are perfectly timed to also fit in a morning of exploring the museum and exhibitions.

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Special Event for Future Catalina Shareholders 2020

Special Event for Future Catalina Shareholders 2020

From 10:30 until 16:30

At Duxford Airfield

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