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Consolidated PBY Catalina Survivors List

Up-to-date info on surviving Catalina's around the World

The list is arranged by the country where the surviving aircraft can be found – this does not necessarily tie in with the country where the survivor is registered.


CONSD: Consolidated, San Diego
CONNO: Consolidated New Orleans
BOECAN: Boeing of Canada
CANVIC St H: Canadian Vickers St Hubert
CANVIC Cart: Canadian Vickers Cartierville
ntu: Registration/serial not taken up
c/n: Constructor’s number

It is intended that this list will be kept up-to-date – if any reader can provide further updates on any of the Catalina featured, please contact David Legg here.

We have excluded most high ground/crash wrecks unless substantially complete and we have also excluded underwater wrecks.

Regarding the ‘Status’ column, it is often a moot point as to what constitutes ‘airworthy’.  Our subjective view is that if an aircraft has not flown for many months, then it is better described as ‘potentially airworthy’ or something similar.  There are a number of Catalinas around the world that are in this position.