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The Catalina Society

The Catalina Society is the supporters club for the PBY5A Catalina!Our aim is to keep this beautiful old flying boat airworthy for many years to come. By forming the society, we have brought together people who share our aim. But more importantly, you will be joining a dedicated group of enthusiasts who can proudly associate themselves with their aircraft.
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society16 hours ago
Latest World Catalina News (November 2017) Edition (plus updated Survivors List) Now Online! https://www.catalina.org.uk/2017/11/19/world-catalina-news-november-2017/
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society7 days ago
Ian, our devoted shareholder, brings us the good advice of the day :
"Do not hesitate to ask for help" especially if help is named PBY... 😁

The Catalina Society
Jim Tilmon
Never hesitate to ask for help - it just might save your life! That's what happened to Jim.If you would like to learn more about my life story, contact me here m.me/jimtilmontv
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society1 week ago
It's confirmed!!! We are going to Sivrihisar Airshow next September...
It is located in Turkey and we can't wait for what will be another memorable trip!
😃 Who would like to go there?
More information on :
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society2 weeks ago
The nicest view on Gibraltar you can get... 😎
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society3 weeks ago
Another shot taken today at Duxford as Garry does the push back with the trusty tractor. Thanks to David Whitworth for the photo.
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society3 weeks ago
Some sad news - the well-known pilot Keith Sissons passed away on Thursday. Keith flew with our organisation right at the beginning and was on the delivery flight of our first Catalina from South Africa to the UK in 1985. He was also involved in the early stages of the delivery flight of our current aircraft from Canada to the UK in 2004. Keith flew many displays with our first Cat' and I was fortunate to be on board with him on its first ever UK display in May 1985. He had an exciting flying career and was chief pilot on the B-17 Sally B for many years. Our condolences to his wife Shirley from all of us at Plane Sailing'.