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The Catalina Society

The Catalina Society is the supporters club for the PBY5A Catalina!Our aim is to keep this beautiful old flying boat airworthy for many years to come. By forming the society, we have brought together people who share our aim. But more importantly, you will be joining a dedicated group of enthusiasts who can proudly associate themselves with their aircraft.
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society12 hours ago
After a great weekend in Belgium a few days ago our next appearance will be at the Blackbushe Festival of Flight this weekend - it will be our first ever visit to this Hampshire airfield. Come and see the Cat', its crew and our stall and why not buy some of our 'merch' and join The Catalina Society at the same time!
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society5 days ago
We had a warm welcome at Ursel Avia. After arrival the whole crew attended a ceremony at the former airfield B-67
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society7 days ago
Another surprise just for you...
The last few seconds are nice! 😎
It's quite unusual to see a spitfire gracefully flying underneath your aircraft!
Stavenger Sola 2017
Thanks for following us! (TheCatalinaSociety)

Spitfire pilot : Pär Cederqvist
Catalina crew : Angelo Cunningham, Mike Connaly and Sébastien Mazzuchetti
Filmed by Mike Connally...
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society1 week ago
Wait for it! 😍

Sola 2017
Spitfire Pilot : Pär Cederqvist
Catalina Crew : Sébastien Mazzuchetti, Angelo Cunningham and Mike Connally.
Film : Mike Connally
The Catalina Society
The Catalina Society2 weeks ago
Stavanger Sola Airshow! 😎
Starting the display with a "little friend" as they said...
Pär Cederqvist flew marvelously in formation with us... 👍
If this picture is shared 10 times, we will post a video of what it looked from inside 😍
Thanks Bengt Bergholm for the souvenir!