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Sad end to N85U

By 30th August 2015Press & Video

The sad story of the breakup of N85U during attempted salvage in Florida whilst being used during filming for an upcoming WWII movie.

FOX10 News | WALA

Mike Pinder

About Mike Pinder

Mike Pinder has had a passion for aircraft since an early age and became involved in the Catalina Society in 2005, taking over all aspects digital. He comes from a design, business and innovation industry background and is happy combining his skills in helping continue the great heritage of the PBY Catalina.

  • Willys White Whale Seaplane Re

    Not an expert on salvage or rescue, but you would think a diaphram under the fuselage like used for dolphins would be more innovative than some mere cables tearing into this light thin bodywork. Or in fact, to build a ramp up over the beach with boards or cement which dries in 2 days to tow the plane up a ramp would be best for it. Even on site engine repairs, baring no expense, but there was no innovation here, no budget. You could even hire 50 men to pull it from the wheels using many ropes up the ramp. You must break the surface tension of the water, scientifically, and high tide helps put it up, then let the water go out and clean away the sand, and continue to roll it easier. I did this with my 4000 pound fountain I lost in a typhoon using 19 men ropes and boards, brooms, levers and shovels and giving it the right time to do it gently to not break it up. I made videos also, even my video was lower budget and more clear to see. All of this shows me the incompetence of our new modern information age.