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Great News! The Catalina Society has today been able to transfer sufficient funds to Plane Sailing Air Displays Ltd, the operator of Miss Pick Up, so that a stage payment for the hull and liability insurance for the Catalina can be paid in full next week.

This has only been possible by the generous donations and the prompt renewal subscriptions made by our Catalina Society members and by the many purchases from our now booming website shop, again made by our existing and many new members and members of the general public who support and follow us.
A great big THANK YOU to everyone concerned for enabling the Catalina Society to achieve this, especially in a time when we are getting little or no income from airshows. This goes a long way to achieving our overall aim to keep the Catalina operational and to keep it in the air for everyone to see.
Our intention is to continue to raise as many funds as possible to meet the future bills and projects of Plane Sailing’, of which there are many in the pipeline.

Photo by ‘Suffolk Blue’ at the October 2020 Duxford Showcase Day, just before our Loch Ness ‘adventure’

Banner photo by @pixbay

Mike Pinder

Mike has always had a passion for aircraft since an early age. He joined The Catalina Society back in 2005, taking over all aspects digital. He's a glider pilot over in the Netherlands and he comes from a design, business and innovation background. Mike is happy contributing his skills to continue the great heritage of the PBY Catalina.