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New Musical Featuring PBY Catalina’s!

By 26th May 2011June 14th, 2015Press & Video

Info about the musical from the organisers:

“Help us create an original a cappella musical, inspired by true stories from our family history, to perform at the Minnesota Fringe Festival in August, 2011. Tight vocal harmonies fill this timeless story about four brothers trying to prove themselves in World War II. Set entirely within the space of a WWII Patrol Bomber, HERO is filled with daring adventure, senseless loss, unbelievable luck, and a spirit of family and camaraderie.

With an original script by playwright/director Tyler Olsen and a brand new score by award-winning composer Nicholas Jacobson Larson, and featuring a cast of four real-life brothers, HERO is guaranteed to be a theatrical event unlike any you’ve ever seen. Part comedy, part tragedy, all adventure, HERO promises to be an awesome experience for young and old alike.”

– By Tyler Olsen

Mike Pinder

Mike has always had a passion for aircraft since an early age. He joined The Catalina Society back in 2005, taking over all aspects digital. He's a glider pilot over in the Netherlands and he comes from a design, business and innovation background. Mike is happy contributing his skills to continue the great heritage of the PBY Catalina.