Cheb Airshow

350 02 Cheb, Tsjechië

At Cheb Airshow

350 02 Cheb, Tsjechië

The Egerer Flugtagehave more than eighty years of tradition and were (and still are) phenomena of their time. It all started in the 1920s, at a time when the famous VLU (educational institution for military pilots) was active in Eger. At that time there were various types of aircraft at the local airfield and flight training was carried out by the best pilots. Even then, the flight days were two days long. On the first day, the cooperation between the pilots, the fire brigade and other emergency services was practiced. The second day, on the other hand, focused on the pilots and planes. The flight days were followed by tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators. It was also one of the few events that linked both German and Czech citizens. However, this tradition ended with the threat to the republic in the 1930s.

The first flight day after the war was to take place together with the opening of the international Eger civil airport in 1950. Everything was ready, but a week before the airport opened, the army occupied it and the day of flight was canceled. After that, there were no more flight days for a long time.

The flight days after 1989The social changes in the year! 1989 also led to changes at the Egerer airfield, where civil operations began. In 1997, the ULC Cheb association was founded, which among other things had set itself the goal of continuing the famous Egerer flight traditions. In the same year, ULC participated in the first flight day after the Krig.